The Decision

The key factor in making the home pet euthanasia decision is based on your pet's quality of life which you know better than anyone else. This is an individual decision, best made by you and your family with the professional help of Dr. White to assess your pet's overall condition.

Deciding on euthanasia can be a painful and heart breaking experience. It can be accompanied by feelings of guilt and uncertainties sometimes leaving you wonder if you made the right decision.

Below are some factors and behavioral changes to consider when making your decision. If your pet is experiencing any of these conditions, pet home euthanasia may be the right decision:

  • Is your pet eating and drinking?
  • Does your pet liked to be touch and petted?
  • Is your pet not able to remain house trained?
  • Is your pet having seizures or circling?
  • Is your pet suffering from a terminal illness or disease?
  • Does your pet have short and labored breathes?
  • Is your pet playful and friendly?
  • Does your pet cry or whimper?
  • Is your pet in pain or suffering? 
  • Is your pet losing significant weight?
  • Is your pet urinating or defecating on their own?
  • Is your pet standing and moving around on their own?
  • Is your pet interested in normal daily activities?
  • Is your pet becoming confused or experiencing dementia?

It may be helpful to keep a log of any noticeable behavioral changes and calendar "good days" and "bad days" to help you further assess if your pet is making improvements or experiencing diminishing quality of life.

Kind Words from Our Clients

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