Dr. Chris White's mobile veterinary service is second to none. I believe Dr. Chris White practices veterinary medicine the way it was meant to be practiced, with true care for animals. He was able to give me options for my 16 year old dog when it was close to the end of his life that truly made his last time more comfortable. Dr. Chris White came to my home and provided me with options, suggestions, and excellent veterinary care. I was also relieved to know that he could perform euthanasia in my home for my dog so I would not need to subject my dog to a car ride and a cold examination room. I am grateful for Dr. Chris White and will use him for all my animals. If you have an older pet, I recommend that you contact Dr. Chris White at 310-968-8370 way before you think you need to put your animal to sleep. Give Dr. Chris White a chance to treat your animal needs with medications before the animal is too frail. I was afraid to go to a vet because I have dealt with guilt trips and horribly unexpected fees (in the thousands) before. Dr. Chris' White fees were more than fair and he was able to give me a good idea of fees before he came to my house. His visit cost less than a dinner out and his care made all the difference to my animal.

I want to thank Dr. White for being so kind and thoughtful when my 21 yr old cat passed away. He was very supportive and caring. He seemed very sorry for my loss and offered a lot of emotional support..

Dr. White is personable, kind, knowledgeable and wise -- what I've sought in a vet for decades -- not for me but for my little ones.  Wherever you are -- from San Pedro to Long Beach to Torrance to Cypress to Garden Grove -- he's there for your pet. He doesn't have a bunch of handlers or associates; he came to my pet at ease in its own home. Who wouldn't prefer this, to subjecting their pets to the ordeal of a car and a cold office and strangers?  You call Dr. White, you get Dr. White! Oh, and the fees are quite reasonable, given Dr. White's time, patience and care. In my opinion, Dr. White is by far the best. - Jack R, Long Beach, CA, 11/12/2012

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