Home Euthanasia

It's important to most people to have their pet’s last moments at home to be free from stress and allows for a peaceful passing. Dr. White will assess your pet's overall condition and help you decide if home pet euthanasia is right for you. By having an understanding of what to expect and how the process works will help relieve the fear and anxiety and bring comfort knowing it was the best decision for your pet. 

Dr. White will discuss with you the setting where you would like to have the euthanasia performed, who you would like to be present and special requests you may have for your pet. He will also perform a brief physical exam to determine the type and amount of sedation based on your pet's physical condition and discuss after care options.


To make your pet comfortable, Dr. White will administer medications to sedate your pet prior to giving the final injection. The sedatives are chosen based on your pet's circumstances, including species, age, weight, and type of illness. These drugs which alleviates pain, causes relaxation, and is often accompanied by a deep anesthetic sleep.


Once you and your loved ones have had a chance to say good-bye and you feel you are ready, Dr. White will proceed with putting your beloved pet to sleep. A second injection will be given and only takes a few moments to take effect. Dr. White will listen to your pet's heart and let you know when your beloved friend has passed away.

After Care

You may request that your pet’s body be left on your premises for you to make your own arrangements. If you choose to have your pet cremated, we handle the transportation of your beloved pet to the local crematorium. If you'd prefer, you can make arrangements with a different crematorium on your own. There are multiple options for cremations; i.e. communal cremations, individual creations, private cremations and cremations with viewing.

Memorials / Keepsakes

To honor the memory of your pet, your special relationship can be memorialized and celebrated in multiple ways.  Please speak to Dr. White for more information.


Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement provides pet bereavement counseling and public education to those interested in counseling others. www.aplb.org

Delta Society provides information on the human/animal bond. Offers a bibliography of publications on pet loss and a list of pet-loss counselors, help lines, and support groups, at www.deltasociety.org under the health benefits section (pet loss and bereavement).


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